Máy phân tích mô men xoắn IQCTA (1000Nm)
Máy phân tích mô men xoắn IQCTA (1000Nm)
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Máy phân tích mô men xoắn IQCTA (1000Nm)
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Model: IQCTA
Hãng: Ingersoll Rand – USA
• Dải lực phân tích: 1.5-1000Nm
• Độ chính xác: +/- 0.25% FSD đầu dò
• Độ ổn định điểm Zero: <0.1% FSD/°C
• Nhiệt độ hoạt động : -20 °C to +50 °C
• Độ ẩm: 10% – 70% không đọng sương
• Cấp bảo vệ vỏ: IP45


Mô tả
The IQCTA Series torque analyzer has a compact, sleek design and impressive feature set, but is designed for portability. It can dynamically measure and record the output of precision fastening tools on the application or the workbench in both directions when coupled with our automatically recognized Smart or Industry Standard transducers. Joint simulators are also available to emulate different joint rates from hard to soft and can be used with both stationary and rotary transducers when working away from the application.
Tính năng
Ideal for use with a broad range of external transducers to test output of assembly tools on the application or wherever torque verification is required.
• Power & Hand tool Compatibility – only 1 system is needed to setup & calibrate all of your precision tools
• Lightweight portable unit on the assembly line & space savings on the workbench
• Compatible with full range of Industry Standard (IS) and Smart external transducers
• Large color screen for easy to read test results, menus, & traces
• Simple programming and navigation
• Soft Touch Keypad and intuitive menus when navigation quick and simple
• Full statistical and tightening trace analysis
• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with auto-shutdown feature
• Full Statistical Capabilities: Includes Count, Range, Mean, MIN, MAX, Standard Deviation, Cm, Cmk, Cp, Cpk
• USB port for data export
• Multi language support for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
Ứng dụng
• Lắp ráp ô tô, xe máy
• Lắp ráp điện tử điện lạnh
• Lắp ráp máy móc công nghiệp

Máy kiểm tra mô men xoắn IQCTT (30Nm)
Máy kiểm tra mô men xoắn IQCTT (30Nm)
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Máy kiểm tra mô men xoắn IQCTT (30Nm)
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Model: IQCTT
Hãng: Ingersoll Rand – USA
• Dải lực kiểm tra: 0.1-1Nm….30Nm
• Xuất dữ liệu qua cổng USB
• Hiển thị: LCD
• Kích thước: 209 x 194 x 78 mm
• Trọng lượng: 2.1 kg

Mô tả
The IQCTT Series torque tester  includes four different models with integrated transducers that allow rapid and accurate torque checking of fastening tools from 0.1 to 30 Nm (1 to 265 in-lb). The IQCTT’s enhanced features include track and peak modes for most hand and power tools, a pulse mode that measures and counts pulses for pulse tools, and a click mode for hand-click wrenches. Included trace and statistical functions support even the most detailed joint analysis and proper decision making.
Tính năng
• Integrated Transducer with Rundown Adapter
• Large, easy-to-read LCD screen
• Easy to navigate icon-based menus
• Compatible with full range of Air, Electric, and Hand powered precision tools
• Quick downloading of results to PC or Printer
• Monitors Torque, Angle, Time and Pulse count
• Selectable torque units, filter frequencies, language and power-save settings
• Auto storage of time stamped readings
• Universal power supply
• Full Statistical Capabilities (Cp,Cpk,Pp,Ppk,CMK,CAM,range,mean,standard deviation)

Ưng dụng
IQCTT Ideal for testing and calibration of lower torque assembly tools in a tool crib, calibration lab or workstation