Súng điện siết lực chính xác QE4 (2-20 Nm)
Súng điện siết lực chính xác QE4 (2-20 Nm)
Liên hệ
Súng điện siết lực chính xác QE4 (2-20 Nm)
Liên hệ

Model: QE4 Pistol
Hãng: Ingersoll Rand -USA
• Kiểu súng: Pistol (kiểu súng)
• Dải lực: 2.0 – 20 Nm
• Mô men xoắn tối đa: 25 Nm
• Tốc độ tối đa: 710-1820 vòng/phút
• Cơ cấu hoạt động: Trigger Star
• Đầu lắp khẩu: 1/4″; 3/8″
• Hoạt động: nguồn điện DC
• Đặt lực thông qua bộ điều khiển QCD
Mô tả | Descriptions
Compact, lightweight and high-speed, the QE4 Series provide superior accuracy, ergonomics and durability to meet your critical fastening requirements and maximize your productivity. Featuring a torque range from 2 Nm to 34 Nm. Available in Inline, Pistol and Angle Configuration and speeds upto 1820 RPM
Tính năng | Features
Accurate: The closed loop transducerized control provides exceptionable accuracy and traceability for advanced torque control and Angle strategies.
Efficient: Built with a variety of features to enhance user operation such as TactAlert, LED headlights and indicator light options, the QE4 Series allows you to work efficiently with minimum distraction.
Versatile: With this tool you can choose torque output, body style, actuation and spindle type, so you can customize your tool for any application.
Reliable: The brushless DC motor, non-contacting switches and heavy duty gear train make this tool reliable, and the preventative maintenance alarms make sure you’ll always know when it’s in need of a tune up.